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OSC 3225

xtal oscillator smd3225

xtal oscillator smd3225 50mhz datasheet

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xtal oscillator Main datasheet:

ItemSymb.Electrical SpecificationRemark
(Humidity: 40%~60%)
Nominal FrequencyF050.000000MHz-
Frequency StabilityFr-25-25ppmOverall -20~70℃
AgingAging-3-3ppmFrist Year
Operating TemperatureTOPR-20-70S&A 280
Storage TemperatureTSTG-55-125-
Supply VoltageVdd2.973.33.63V-
Current ConsumptionIcc--15mAat 25±3℃
Standby CurrentIstd--15uAat 25±3℃
Output Waveform-CMOS--
Output LoadCL--15pF-
SymmertryDuty45-55%at 25±3℃
Transition TimeRise TimeTr--5nSecat 10% to 90% Vdd
Fall TimeFt--5nSecat 10% to 90% Vdd
Output LevelOutput HighVOH90%Vdd--Vat 25±3℃
Output LowVOL--10%VddVat 25±3℃
Start TimeST--5mSecat 25±3℃
Off TimeOT--200nSecat 25±3℃
Pin1 FunctionHigh Voltage or FloatingEnable70%Vdd--Vat 25±3℃
Low Voltage or GNDDisable--30%VddVat 25±3℃

xtal oscillator Product Dimensions;


xtal oscillator Measurement Circuit

oscillator circuit.png

Pin 1# input Pin 3# output

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