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38kHz cylinder crystal

38kHz cylinder crystal

Currently, the carrier frequency of infrared remote controllers is generally 38kHz, although there are also 36kHz and 40kHz options. 

This is because the typical crystal oscillator frequency is 455kHz, and in order to send a signal, it needs to be divided. 

The usual method is to divide it into 12 equal parts, resulting in a frequency of approximately 37.9kHz, which is rounded to 38kHz.


3*8mm 38kHz cylinder crystal datasheet:

Load Capacitance(CL)12.5pF
Frequency Tolerance (at 25℃)±20ppm
Resonance resistance(ESR)30k ohms
Drive level0.1 uW Max
Aging @25 ℃1st year (Max) ±3ppm,5ppm/year
Operating temperature:-20~70℃
Storage Temperature Range-40~85℃
Shunt Capacitance3pF Max
Insulation ResistanceMin 500MΩ @DC 100 Volt


38khz crystal dimensions.png

Not recommended reflow furnace welding,If it is to be used, the maximum temperature   shall not exceed 230℃.

Mounting method to PCB

When the crystal products need to be lay down please fix to PCB securely

If the crystal is used with mechanical vibration location, please put cushion in between PCB or fix with

elasticity glue (Silicon etc) as shown in below figure. Please don’t gluing hermetic seal grass.

When the crystal products need to be mounted vertically, gap between crystal units and PCB more than 3mm   for 3×8 type

more than 2mm for 2×6 type is recommended.

PCB installation.png