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OSC 7050

quartz crystal oscillators 7.0*5.0mm

Quartz crystal oscillators 7.0*5.0mm 

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CMOS compatle logic levels

Pin-compatible with standard 5.0*7.0mm packages

High precision crystal oscillator,and covering up to high-frequency crystal oscillator

Low jitter and fundamental or overtone design

Low power 

Output tri-state function

Embossed taping datasheet

Reflow soldering 

RoHS/Reach green parts

OSC 7050 quartz crystal oscillators


Ideally suited designed for a wearable device, IoT, NB.networking, 

GPS/Navigation, Bluetooth,Ethernet, ADS, LVDSL, Fiber channel hand-held 

CMOS oscillator circuit design and How does CMOS oscillator circuit work? 

Quartz crystal oscillators SMD7050 Main data:

frequency range1MHz to 150MHz
frequency stability20ppm to 50ppm
supply voltage5V to 3.3V 10% 
operate temperature range-20~70C/-40~85C
storage temperature range-40~85C/ -55~125C
Symmetry (duty cycle)40/60 standard
output load15pF CMOS 
5.0V1MHz~35.999MHz =25mA max

36MHz ~69.999MHz =60mA max

70.000MHz ~150MHz=80mA max
current consumption(15pf only)1MHz~35.999MHz=20mA max
1.8V 2.5V 3.3V36MHz ~69.999MHz =40mA max

70.000MHz ~150MHz=60mA max
rise /fall time5 nS max

Quartz crystal oscillators 7050 's Circuit 


working of piezoelectric oscillator|