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Ceramic discriminator

455khz ceramic discriminator

455 kHz ceramic discriminator is a component commonly used in radio receivers, particularly in AM (amplitude modulation) radios.

The use of a ceramic material in the discriminator helps to provide stability and accuracy in the demodulation process, 

as ceramic materials can have well-defined resonant properties at specific frequencies.

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Withstanding Voltage : D.C. 50V. 1 minute (Between each terminal) 

Insulation Resistance : 100 MΩ min. at D.C. 100V (Between each terminal)

Input signal level : 5dB (50Ω Termination ) 

Operating Temperature Range : - 20℃ to + 80 ℃ 

Storage Temperature Range : 25 ±5℃


Distortion (at 455 KHz)2.0% max
Recovered Audio 3dB Bandwidth (from 450KHz)±4.0 KHz min.
Recovered Audio Output Voltage (at 455KHz)100 ± 40 mV

Test Method

Input signal Condition 

Input level : 80dB 

Frequency Deviation : ±4.0KHz 

Modulation Frequency : 1 KHz

Recovered Audio

 Input the above signal and sweep the carrier frequency 

3dB Bandwidth around 455 KHz and find out the maximum audio output frequency. 

Then sweep the carrier frequency again and find two frequencies which are observed -3dB attenuation points from the maximum point . 

Higher frequency point is called (f1) and lower called (f2), (f1-455KHz)is defined as upper 3dB bandwidth and (455Khz-f2)

Recovered Audio Recovered audio 

output voltage shall be measured Output Voltage when carrier frequency is adjusted to 455KHz.

Distortion Carrier frequency is adjusted to 455Khz. And then ,distortion shall be measured with 1 kHz modulation frequency