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Xtalong is a vertically-integrated solution for the global market of passive components. own factory is the main produced frequency control device, the company’s advantage products include :3rd overtone crystal, TCXO, OCXO, crystal filters, replacement of EOL, support new frequency development, and Free PCBA matching service. Our manufacturer has its own quartz crystal growth line and can do wafer cutting&grinding. support customers to complete new product development and PCB design, gain market competitiveness ASAP. Delivering the one-stop solutions of Fuse , Potentiometer ,RF parts, Temperature Sensor,Film Capacitors, TFT LCD, Buzzer ,Radar induction module and Heater at the same time, global supply chain flexibility to solve customers’ unique challenges. We invite all customers to stop by our facilities.
Based on the product strengths of our own factories-frequency control device, provide our customers with one-stop component solutions, fast delivery at low cost and easy supply chain management.