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Crystal filter

Crystal filter datasheet

SMD crystal filter specification:

(1)Nominal frequency

21.400      MHz(Fundamental)

(2)Pass bandwidth

±7.5          kHz min./3dB

(3)Stop bandwidth

±25.0        kHz max./35dB


1.0            dB max

(5)Insertion loss

2.5            dB max./Minimum loss


35             dB min./f0+200KHz~500kHz

(7)Guaranteed attenuation

70             dB min./f0-910kHz
(8)Maximum inputlevel0             dBm
(9)Terminating impedance

400           Q±10% (T.B.D.)

1.0            pF±0.5pF (T.B.D.)

(10)Insulation resistance500           MQ min./DC100V(case-in/out)

Temperature range

(1)Operating temperature range  -20~70C

(2)Storage temperature range  -40~85C

Dimensions Unit:mm

crystal filter.png




(c)Manufactured year(Y:The last digit of the year)&week(WW:Week of the year)