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32.768 khz crystal SMD7015 datasheet

SMD7015 type 32.768 khz crystal datasheet

32.768 khz quartz crystal.jpg

32.768 khz crystal of SMD7015 package features:

1.reflow resistance type crystal units

2.higher frequency  pullability and lower equivalent sereis resistance

3.Lower cost and high mass production capability

4.The best choice of Computr TV, smart meter and LCDM

5.RoHS Compliant

Nominal Frequency32.768 khz
Frequency Tolerance±20 ppm (at 25℃±3℃)
Load Capacitance12.5 pf
Equivalent Series Resistance65 KOhms (Max.)
Drive Level1μW (Max.)
Shunt Capacitance1.25 pf (Typ.)
Operating Temperature Range-40℃~+85℃
Storage Temperature Range-55℃~+125℃
Turnover Temperature25℃±5℃
Temperature Coefficient-0.034±0.006ppm/℃2
Aging (First Year)±5ppm (at 25℃)

32.768 khz crystal Dimenssion:mm


DIP through hole 32.768khz crystal