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smd 3225

smd3225 8mhz crystal timer

crystal timer 4pin 3.2*2.5mm passive crystal oscillator 

smd3225 8mhz crystal smd, frequency range of crystal oscillator from 8MHz to 96MHz

◆ Dimension:3.2 x 2.5 x 0.65 mm

◆ Application: Bluetooth, Mobile phone, Wireless LAN.Wimax, Hard Disk, IoT, wearable device, smart home, etc.

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2.4G wireless communication technology

8mhz crystal smd.jpg

8mhz smd crystal 3225 crystal timer Specification :

 Storage Temperature Range-55-125
 smd3225 Frequency Range8-96MHz
 Standard Frequency16,24,26MHz
 Level of Drive-10100uW
 Shunt Capacitionce (C0)--3.0 pF
 Insulation Resistance500--Mohm at  DC100V

 Packing: Tape & Reel, 3000 pcs per Reel.

Lead time : 2-3 weeks

Small QTY in stock

8mhz smd crystal 3225 crystal timer Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)

Type FrequencyModeESR

8mhz smd crystal 3225 crystal timer Dimensions:mm


8mhz smd crystal 3225 crystal timer IR Reflow Profile


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