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32.768 khz crystal smd datasheet

32.768 khz crystal smd datasheet, load capacitance support from 6pf ,7pf,9pf to 12.5pf (optional ) 

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Description: Quartz Crystal    

Product Type:3215

Measure equipment: S&A 250B     


32.768 khz crystal smd datasheet :

Electrical Characteristics:

Nominal Frequency32.768kHzAging+-3ppm
Oscillation Mode Fundamental Insulation Resistance500
Load Capacitance 12.5pFShunt Capacitance 1.1pF
Frequency Tolerance +-10ppmMotional Capacitance4.1fF
Equivalent Series  Resistance 70Quality Factor 13k
Drive Level 0.1~0.5μW SPQ3000pcs
Parabolic Coefficient-0.04~0.02PPM/℃^2Original CN
Operating Temperature-40~85Lead time1-3 weeks
Storage Temperature -50~125MOQ3000pcs


Ultrasonic cleaning:

General cleaning solutions or ultrasonic cleaning methods may be used to clean our products. 

However, under certain circumstances, an ultrasonic cleaning machine could generate resonance 

at the oscillaton frequency of our products and thus deteriorate the electrical characteristics in devices, 

and even damage the overall structure of devices. Therefore, a verification test is recommended before cleaning.

Ultrasonic welding

Avoid mounting and processing by Ultrasonic welding this method has a possibility of an excessive vibration spreading 

inside the crystal products and becoming the cause of characteristic deterioration and not oscillating.

 Storage temperature description

Storage Temperature is only for the product itself, the temperature for the packing material is 5℃~40℃.

Recommended conditions for manual welding

 Max.Temperature: 350 ± 10 ℃,Time:

3-sec max, Re-solder times: twice max.

32.768 khz crystal smd datasheet 



32.768 khz crystal smd datasheet



32.768 khz crystal smd datasheet

 EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT (crystal oscillator circuits)


32.768 khz crystal smd datasheet


32.768 khz crystal smd datasheet in ordering  information:

SPQ=MOQ=3000PCS, lead time: 2 weeks, more information kindly contact us!

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