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OSC 32.768 khz

32.768 khz crystal oscillator datasheet

Two External Capacitors of The RTC 32.768 khz crystal

32.768 khz crystal oscillator datasheet

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● 32.768kHz output SPXO-IC for AT-cut crystal 

● Excellent frequency stability over wide temperature range realized by third-order 

 temperature characteristics specific to AT-cut crystal. 

● Reflow soldering. 

● Pb-free and RoHS/Green compliant.

32.768 khz crystal oscillator application

 Ideally suited designed for use in Ethernet, network adapter cards,devices, 

 blue tooth,PCMCIA Cards, Palmtop Computer, ,RFID, Portable Applications.

32.768 khz crystal oscillator  Main data:

Holder Type2.0x1.6mm smd crystal oscillator clock
Frequency Output32.768KHz
Frequency Tolerance±10ppm to ±30ppm( at 25℃)
Temperature Drift±15ppm to ±30ppm( at -40℃ - +85℃)
Supply Voltage1.8V to 3.3V
Operating Temperature Range-20℃ - +70℃ / -40℃ - +85℃
Storage Temperature Range-40℃ - +85℃/-55℃ - +125℃
Symmetry(Duty Cycle)45/55 Standard
Output Load15pF Hcmos

Current Consumption

( No load condition,VCC=3.0V)

90uA MAX.
Rise/Fall Time130 nS max.
Start Time10 mSec Max.
Aging± 3ppm
Customzied frequency support

32.768khz crystal oscillator test circuit:


32.768khz ccrystal oscillator  Dimensions :mm


※Notes: Tri-state: PIN 1 connected to Vdd or floating, 

the product is working properly;connected to GND,stops working.


32.768kHz crystal series